The Women of Lockerbie

(1) Johnathan Phipps and the Lockerbie Women

The Women of Lockerbie comfort Bill Livingston (Johnathan Phipps) during rehearsal at the Stage Door Theater.

The Liberty Theatre Foundation is please to host its first EOU student theater production of, “The Women of Lockerbie,” on Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the Stage Door Theater.

This stunning one-act play is loosely based on the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland on Dec., 21 1988; an event that left 259 passengers dead as well as 11 of Lockerbie’s residents.

Seven years later, the play recounts Madeline Livingston’s (Adraine Jacobs) grief as she searches for the lost remains of her son in the fields of Lockerbie and Bill (Johnathan Phipps) her husband as he tries to remain strong for her. The play also explores the memories of the women who lived in Lockerbie during the crash and how they are daily in the shadow of such a tragic event.

Director and EOU student Bridger Adkison has been guiding his cast of seven through this challenging material.  “My actors and I will have a total of about five weeks of rehearsal for this show,” Adkison said. “We approach the subject matter as directly as possible. Yes, this play is full of heavy emotional turmoil, but to give this play any less than our very most would be disrespectful.”

Actors Johnathan Phipps and Saajan Chauhan rehearse their scene while director Bridger Adkison looks on

Actors Johnathan Phipps and Saajan Chauhan rehearse their scene while director Bridger Adkison looks on

One of the play’s unique facets is that it is written similarly to a Greek tragedy with characters serving as a chorus. While “The Women of Lockerbie” offers a message of hope, it also addresses themes of loss and grief, so commonly seen in the traditional Greek dramas of Sophocles and Euripides.  “‘The Women of Lockerbie’ has some heavy emotional themes. Addressing them in the style of a Greek tragedy, especially with the utilization of a Greek chorus, gives the audience some breathing room so they aren’t weeping the whole play,” Adkison said.

“Lockerbie” strikes a chord with a culture living in a post 9/11 world. Audiences identify with a feeling of loss and misunderstanding as we try to discover the answer to the reason why.  Despite being nearly 25 years ago, the Lockerbie bombing continues to have consequences.   “‘The Women of Lockerbie’ is a reminder that while such tragedies may have left the public eye, their effects will never leave our hearts,” Adkison said.

Tickets to “The Women of Lockerbie” are $10 and are available at Mountaineer Market, Direct Music and the EOU Box Office. For more information about this event and the Stage Door Theater call (541)626-3051.