The Liberty Theatre Facade Project

Phase 1: Brick Re-pointing- $40,000  COMPLETE!

Mason work

In 2012 the Liberty Theatre Foundation completed the first phase of the facade project with the restoration of the masonry on the exterior of the building. This project was completed in July 2012 by Budd Landon, expert mason who specializes in historic preservation. Landon made multiple visits to the theater to match the colors of the mortar and paid special attention to the original mortar’s consistency. The Foundation received a $20,000 matching Preserving Oregon Grant from the State Historic Preservation office for the masonry restoration.

Phase 2: Mansard Repair- $9,728 COMPLETE!


In order to prepare for later phases, the Liberty’s blond brick will be washed and repairs made to the two upper mansards. Bob Brooks will serve as the primary contractor. La Grande Urban Renewal Facade program provided a portion of the funds for this project. One grant application is pending.

Phase 3: Upper Window Rehabilitation- $4,736 COMPLETE!


This project includes the repair and painting of the historic arched windows on the upper balcony lobby and the small projection room window. W.C. Construction served as the primary contractor. The Foundation received funds from La Grande Urban Renewal Facade grant program for this project. This project was completed September 2014.

Phase 4: Canopy – $56,000 (87% Funding Secured)

Arcade Theatre - 1930

Arcade Theatre c. 1930

A new canopy will be designed for the theater using several 1920s and 1930s photos as reference. The canopy will be designed, manufactured and installed by Carlson Sign from Bend, Ore. This project is funded in part by grants from the Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon Cultural Trust, the Avista Foundation, La Grande Urban Renewal and the Northwest Farm Credit Services grant program.

Phase 5: Blade Sign- $50,000 COMPLETE!

Using this iconic 1940s photo, the Foundation worked with Caslon Sign to create a replica of the Liberty’s original eagle blade sign.  Planning was funded by a grant from La Grande Urban Renewal.

Remaining Work: $100,000 (estimated; financing applications in progress)

  • Facade work at the street-level
    • Restoration of the first level brickwork (as needed)
    • Replacing the doors
    • Constructing a new ticket booth
    • Completing & installing the canopy,
  • Surface work
    • Interior concrete restoration
    • Entryway surface restoration