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Grant Award – Oregon Cultural Trust

Liberty Theatre Foundation Inc. announces receipt of $28,171 from the Oregon Cultural Trust. Liberty was awarded a fiscal year 2019 Cultural Development Award, and will...
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OCF awards the $20,000 for roof replacement

For the grant cycle ending May 3, 2018, the OCF board of directors approved 182 Community Grants totaling nearly $4 million. OCF received 340 Community...
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$25,000 Grant received for stage renovation

The Snow Family Fund, a division of the Oregon Community Foundation, awarded the Liberty Theater Foundation $25,000 to renovate the stage.  Updates will be posted...
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Phase 6: Remaining Work

Facade work at the street-level

    • Restoration of the first level brickwork (as needed)
    • Replacing the doors
    • Constructing a new ticket booth
    • Completing & installing the canopy

Surface work

      • Interior concrete restoration
      • Entryway surface restoration

Phase 5: Blade Sign

Liberty Blade Sign

Using this iconic 1940s photo, the Foundation¬†worked with Caslon Sign to create a replica of the Liberty’s original eagle blade sign.¬† Planning was funded by a grant from La Grande Urban Renewal.